Hi! I'm Luis Colan and thank you for looking at my work.

I was born in Lima, Peru, and I'm a visual artist and graphic designer living and working in NYC. 
My journey began with traditional training as a painter and draftsman, and have been exhibiting my art professionally in galleries in NYC and surrounding areas since 2004. Recognizing the evolving importance of visual communication in our tech-driven world, I took a leap into the realm of graphic design in February 2021. Since then, I've amassed valuable experience as a Graphic Designer for O.N.S Clothing, tasked with creating and managing all visual assets for the brand across digital and print mediums. In this dynamic role, I've thrived on meeting deadlines, multitasking, and devising proactive solutions, all while maintaining a keen eye for detail. I collaborate closely with diverse teams, including marketing, retail, and our global CEO based in Hong Kong, to strategize and execute content and rollouts that resonate with our audience. My journey is a fusion of fine arts and graphic design, bridging the two worlds to craft compelling visual stories.